What happens if my package gets lost or stolen?

Lost or stolen shipments (USA only) 

LL Medico is not liable for any lost shipments or shipments that occurred due to customer error. Please make certain all customer related information, such as address, is entered correctly upon placing the order.

In the event that an order has not been received within 7 days from receipt of a shipping confirmation, please contact us at sales@llmedico.com.

If the carrier confirms that your order was delivered, and you are not in receipt of it, we recommend that you first contact the carrier for more information.

Mail theft and mail fraud (i.e., the false reporting of stolen or unreceived mail) are federal crimes. We are happy to assist US Postal Service, authorities, and our customers by providing any documentation that may be helpful in reporting and/or recovering a lost shipment.

Lost or stolen packages internationally

By placing an order, you agree that LL Medico cannot be held liable for lost or stolen packages. Although seeking recourse for lost or stolen packages is the responsibility of you, the recipient, please let us know and we will do our best to investigate the matter from our end. Ultimately however, you are responsible for seeking recourse should your package be lost or stolen.

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